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Welcome! When we became engaged two years ago, Jennifer thought it would be helpful and fun to have a resource for brides to receive unbiased opinions, advice, and support while wedding planning. After all, your friends and family can only tolerate so much wedding talk, they may only want to tell us what we want to hear, and let’s face it, they may not be up on all the new trends. So, I’m Engaged! Now What? was born!

Today, I’m Engaged! Now What? is a massive group of brides and wedding industry experts offering real time answers and support. While we all might like to have a glimpse or two of a royal wedding or Hollywood star’s glamorous wedding on a private island, our mission is is to deliver you realistic views of everyday weddings from our very own members - people like you and me.

The next time you are caught up in a wedding planning predicament, asking yourself “Now What?” Think of us! We will help you find the answer!

Jennifer & Kevin Mardorf
Founders, I'm Engaged! Now What?

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When I first got engaged 8 months ago, I had no idea how to plan a wedding. But when I found this group, it really helped me fall onto the right track and help make my planning process so much easier. Everyone has been so helpful and I feel much more confident with my wedding being in 5 months than I did when I first joined!
Mikaela B.
Aurora, Oregon
This group is absolutely AMAZING! I have received so much advice in regards to planning that I check this group every single day for new ideas! Definitely loving all the love that comes from this group! So uplifting! ❤️
Te'Auna M.
Birmingham, Alabama
I felt so alone and at a loss for what to do or where to even begin! Then I found this group! It has been a life changing experience. I’ve created friendships through here. It’s a great place to talk with other brides and get inspiration and even a place to vent. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the creators of this group and the members. I love this group!
Jamie S.
Elkton, Maryland