Creating a Wedding Website

Posted on February 19, 2019

A wedding website it one of the easiest ways to tell your guests everything they need to know about your wedding, from the location and dress code to where you’re registered. And these days, thanks to a variety of wedding-website builders, creating your very own site is easier than ever!

While the specifics of each site will vary from couple to couple, there are a few key elements that belong on every wedding website. If you want your site to be an ideal resource for your guests, make sure you follow our simple tips.

Simplify the URL

When it comes to our digital lives, the goal is to be as original as possible. We take Instagram photos that are unique (and envy-inducing), we tweet our wittiest thoughts, and we spend hours wracking our brains for the cutest, punniest hashtags.

But when it comes to creating the URL for your wedding website, less is always more. Trust me, none of your relatives want to visit “”! Your URL should be short, sweet, and easy to remember; stick with your first names or your new last name (if you’re planning to change it).

Include the Key Info

When you are planning a wedding, you are always very busy. There are dress fittings to attend, meetings with vendors, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, not to mention your job and other daily responsibilities! Fielding calls from relatives who lost their invite and can’t remember what time the ceremony starts will only add to your overpacked schedule — but with a wedding website, those calls will be history.

Your website should be a place where your guests can get all the essential info: the venue’s address, the date and time of the wedding, the theme and dress code, and where you’re registered. Make sure all this information is clearly labeled and easy to find (putting it on the site home page is ideal). This ensures that anyone coming to your wedding has all they need to know, right at their fingertips!

Tell Your Story

It can be very easy for couples to get swept up in the excitement of planning a wedding. There is a lot to do and so many fancy elements that go into this one special day, that guests (and couples) can quickly lose sight of the real reason they’re all celebrating: the love story between you and your future spouse.

You can refocus your wedding on your incredible relationship by telling your story on your wedding website. Talking about how you met, sharing photos from your first date, and telling other fun anecdotes can be a great way to show guests a little more about who you both are. It can also help remind everyone — including the newlyweds-to-be — that this day is just one very special moment in a lifetime full of love and laughter.

Let Guests RSVP

Your wedding website isn’t just a great place for your guests to get information; it’s also the perfect place for you to get organized. Many wedding website builders have an option that asks your guests to RSVP right on the site. Here’s our advice — USE IT! This little feature can make keeping track of your guest list much easier, and when you’re in the thick of planning, that can be a lifesaver.

With these tips, you can create a wedding website that is clear, useful, and helpful to both your guests and your wedding planning team. Good luck, happy site building, and congratulations on your special day!