Make the Most of I’m Engaged! Now What? With These Tips and Tricks

Posted on December 13, 2018

Welcome to our new blog and our first post! First and foremost, we want to thank you all for making I’m Engaged! Now What?™ ❤ What it is today. At over 50,000 members, we are one of the largest and most trusted Facebook groups for brides and grooms to turn to for wedding planning support, help, and advice. Since we started in January 2017, our community is responsible for helping thousands of brides plan their wedding successfully. If you’re reading this and your a bride, we hope you’re next!

In this post we have post together a quick guide of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using I’m Engaged! Now What? to plan for your wedding. We had a family talk (aka group chat) with our fellow team members (admins and mods) and here’s what we would to suggest for anyone in the group or who might be looking to get more out of I’m Engaged! Now What?:

1) The Best Way to Follow Posts
See a post you want to follow in the group? Many members comment with “F” or “Following” so they’ll get notified when other members comment to the post. These types of comments can clog up the comment feed and make it hard for others to see the real conversation.
If you a post you’d like to follow and get notified when other members comment on it, all you have to do is select “Turn on notifications for this post“. This way whenever there is an new comment you’ll get a notification to come back and check it out. This is great option too because no one else will ever know your stalking watching the post as well.
To turn on notifications, go up to the upper right corner of the post you want notifications about, click on the drop down menu, and click “Turn on Notifications.”

2) Abbreviations & Acronyms
OK, I admit I still get a chuckle when I see a member who wants to talk “STDs” (that’s “Save The Dates” for those of you who might not get the inside joke). Here’s a list of some of the most frequently used abbreviations in the group to help you translate some of the wedding lingo:

  • BM: Best Man or Bridesmaid
  • BP: Bridal Party
  • FFIL: Future Father-in-law (sometimes written FILTB, or father-in-law-to-be)
  • FH: Future Husband
  • FI: Fiancé
  • FIL: Father-in-law
  • FILs: Future In-Laws
  • FMIL: Future Mother-in-law (sometimes written MILTB)
  • FNF: Friends and Family
  • FOB: Father of Bride
  • FOG: Father of the Groom
  • FSIL: Future Sister-in-law
  • FW: Future Wife
  • GM: Groomsmen
  • MIL: Mother-in-law
  • MOB: Mother of the Bride
  • MOG: Mother of Groom
  • MOH: Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor
  • STDs: Save-the-Date Cards

3) Hashtag Requests
One of the most frequent posts and requests we get is members seeking assistance for a new wedding hashtag. In order not to flood the group with hashtag requests we now consolidate all hashtag requests into one post called “Tag Tuesday”.
Every Tuesday at 8pm EST is “Tag Tuesday”. Look for this post for help in creating your hashtag. You can also search #tagtuesday to find the most recent Tag Tuesday post. How it works is if you ASK for a hashtag you should help other members create one as well. This has been a fun way to get members together in the group to collaborate and coming up with some amazing hashtag ideas.

4) Anonymous Posts
Did you know while our group is a closed group this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a private group. Whenever you post to our group please note all other members in the group can see your posts and comments. You might want to think twice about posting to the group if you have friends or family members who are also members. Lets face it, generally speaking, everyone should be more careful with what they share on social media.
In short, if you have private info you’d like to share we have a way you can do so anonymously.
Shoot an PM to an IENW Team Member and we’ll post on your behalf. And we’ll never share your name ever. You can also send your request to
Please Note: All posts in are group are subject to the our community policy for Post Approvals. Please review before requesting an anonymous post.

5) How to Search The Group for Content
Before you post to the group you should search the group to see if your question has been asked before. As you might imagine with a group of thousands your subject matter has mostly been discussed at one point or another.
To search posts in the group, click “Search” this group on the left. Enter names or keywords that appear in the post or the comments of the post you’re searching for. You can also filter search results by selecting multiple options on the left including top posts, posts by your friends, etc.
Please note also instead of using a photo with your post you to “remember” the post, you might want to use a hashtag instead. Either way, Group Search is the best way to help you find posts and comments in our group.

6) Reporting Comments/Posts to Admins
We receive thousands of comments every day at I’m Engaged! Now What?. Sometimes, we miss stuff. Stuff that YOU as members see. Especially problematic comments within a post. So we need your help by taking a moment to REPORT problematic COMMENTS. The pic on this post provides specific instructions on how to report comments.
When you Report a COMMENT and the next time an admin or mod logs into Facebook we’ll receive an alert for “Member-Reported Comment.” Every single person on the IENW Admin & Mod Team will see this and take appropriate action. When you Report, your name is NOT shown to the member commenting or to any other group member. Only the IENW mod team will be able to see it, and we will NEVER share your information. In short, rest assured you can privately report any harmful commentary and we’ll take care of the rest.
Please REPORT instead of commenting about the negative comments. Posting “I can’t believe the comments on this!” or “why is everyone being so rude?” does not help anything 🙂 Please don’t tag us, either – REPORT rude or negative comments and let us handle them so you can move on to discussions like saying yes to your dresses! Bottom line – we want SUPPORT. And we need your help to PREVENT any NEGATIVITY in this group.

So, are you a seasoned member of the group? Comment below and let us know your tips and pointers for posting and commenting in I’m Engaged! Now What? below.